The Shakedown About Dilandau, The Site, And Me
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Okay, well, I've aged a year since last year. (Hehe.) I'm 14 now, I am in Grade 9 and I go to Oak Bay High School. My mantra is that of a raven (Or so I'm told.) My sign is Libra, and I am absolutely in love with Dilandau. I run two-sites, and I write novels. I've written an Escaflowne fanfic, about and for Dilandau of course. (Shut up, it is for Dilandau lol.) Rather, it's still in progress, but it's currently seventy-something pages long. Well, I'll see you all later, and look for Codename: Fox in Fanfic sites! (That's my fanific, Codename: Fox.)

A History Lesson
Well, The history behind my site is this. I absolutely ADORE Dilandau, so I said to myself, "Hey self, I know I talk to you alot, but, see, my sane half and my insane half were just talking about making a website about Dilandau." And lo and behold, was born.

About Dilandau. He's a guy (Yes he is. Yes, seen the entire series, I believe he's a guy.) who's 15 and was born on Red, 8th moon, (August 8th) Plz forgive me if I screwed up on the date of the birthday, I always do. He is the leader of the squadron "The DragonSlayers." He's on a mission to capture the 'White Dragon'. (In other words, Escaflowne.) He is out to kill Vaughn for two reasons, 1. He's the 'white dragon'. 2. He gave Dilandau a scar, and so that really pissed off Dilandau. Dilandau likes red wine, yelling at people, killing people, and disobeying orders. He's the pilot of the red guymelef the "Alseides." He's completely loyal, however, to Dornkirk, the ruler of the Zaibach Empire. Oh yes. Dilandau is a pyro, and so Alseides is mainly equipped with fire weapons. Flamethrower, etc. Dilandau's very good with the sword, and could kick anyone's @$$ anyday.

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