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The Dragonslayers
This page is dedicated to the loyal followers of Dilandau; His squadron, called 'The Dragonslayers.'
There will be a picture and description of each one. I'm working on it.

The Group
Here they all are. I think only Chesta
looks good in this picture.
Chesta is kind of like the 'cute little puppy' of the group. He has a shy demeanor but is very intelligent, despite his few words. Like the others, Chesta often gets smacked across the face, but he seems to be able to take it very well, and he tries to his utmost to carry out Dilandau's orders to full extent.

He sports a cute little bowlcut, and he has very blue eyes. I think he's the cutest. He's not 'hot' par se, but he is very cute!

Go Chesta!

More soon