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About This Opinion Expressed Here
Yes, I've seen the entire series and the movie, and I am perfectly aware of the scenario that Dilandau is gender-wise kind of mixed up. I have seen the series. And the movie. Own copies of both. This is my opinion, because I am absolutely sick of people ranting on about how all girls that are attracted to Dilandau are lesbians.

Dilandau, as we all know him.
Clearly, his features here are displayed as definitely being male. The chin of the skull is slightly rounded, suggesting masculinity, and the features of the face are constructed in a way that leads the viewer to believe he is male. However feminine you may think him to be, he is still male. His seiyuu (Voice actor.) (In Japan.) Does a very good impersonation of a male voice, even though she is female. (Oh, the irony.)
  First Of All, About The Boy We All Know And Love:
Clearly, as one can observe, if one listens to the dialogue on the tape, Dilandau was born a girl. I know that. Don't mean to be rude, but some people send me e-mails telling me this. I just wanted to reiterate that little point.

About Celena
Celena was who Dilandau originally was before he was abducted by Zaibach and changed. Celena was the younger sister of Allen Slanzar. In a way, Dilandau and Allen are brothers.

So There!
Dilandau is a boy. Period.

The Eyes
If you look at his eyes, you may find they are slightly feminine looking. This is to show that he once was, I suppose. However, the eyes are thin and slightly slanted, as most male manga characters' eyes are. The pupil and iris are small, further suggesting that the eyes are that of a male.

And Yes...
He's not a hermaphrodite either.