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Welcome To Dilandau Sama!
This is a small shrine dedicated to the most handsome boy ever to grace the planet, Dilandau Albatou. Despite it's small size, it has some fairly commendable traits, such as a fairly large gallery, (No thumbnails, however. Slow browsers beware!) and many more features. I won't mention them, so you can just navigate the site the whole way through and find out for yourself! Dilandau Sama is growing, however slowly.

So, on a closing note, enjoy the site, and please sign the guestbook when you feel the compulsion to leave my little shrine. Any comments, be them good or bad, are warmly welcomed and considered.

Listing Site Updates
Got a new shipment of artwork scanned for me... Gonna have to put that up somewhere. Changed the CNF link to the one Void made for me, and yeah...

March 17th, 2003
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A Shrine To My Fanfic! (For Real!)

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