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The Picture Page (Okay, it's a dippy name. Live with it.)
100% Dilandau Pictures


A Credit To Dimensia

I could stare at this picture for 2 hours and not get bored

A Better Quality Version Of The One I Used To Have Here

I have this one on the back of my wallet ^_~

Yeah! How dare he...?

I can never get enough of this one! ^_^

This is what he looks like in the manga


I gotz this one in my wallet, 2! ^.^

One Reason Not To Drink Espresso...


A very sly smile


Take out Folken and you've got yourself a perfect Dilandau picture ^.~

Um... You're fly's undone...

Different Angles <-- I use this in my drawing reference. That and the model sheet, which I took off the site for now. (Too big.)

Aww... Look at dat Puppyface!

Umm... Going for a bit of a "Vaughn" Look are we?

"That bastard... What with his fuzzy teddy bear..." <- Only EOC9 Visitors will get that.

I Am Me... I Kick Ass.

Closed Eyes

What he Looks Like In The Movie

Looking Quite Evil And Bloodthirsty



Cutely Embarassed (Cutely Is A Word)

A Cel

With Eyes Of Twisted Flame

"Eew, what the Hell is that!?!"